2600 White Boxes

Here are some pics of Dodge ’em and Othello in white boxes (which came from multi-packs of games).  However, these snaps would indicate these two particular guys were sold loose, based on the price tags/labels.  The standard loose box was green for Othello, pink for Dodge ’em.  Rarity is the same for either, but it’s a nice packaging variation to talk about.

  • Action Pak: Breakout, Dodge ’em, Othello
  • Back to School Pak: Brain Games, Basic Programming, Pair of Keyboard Controllers
  • Racing Pak: Indy 500, Slot Racers, One Racing Controller


Source(s): AtariAge.com

Stacks o’ Boxes & Protos

I love pictures like this…. stacks o’ games.  What, pray tell, is this person up to?  Organizing a massive auction?  Puting together some door prizes?  I hate how all those loose Activision prototypes are mocking me.  The back, center “Tower of River Raid” is a nice touch.  I forgot who’s collection this was again, but cheers to you.  I count 17 prototypes in this picture.