Brazilian T-Handle Carts

Here are a few 2600 carts from Brazil cart maker Tron. These black plastic T-Handle carts should work fine on NTSC systems. Haha, wow, that Mario Bros. label illustration! I have not played “Super” Tennis, but am told it is the Atari title (not Activision).


  • Keystone “Kappers” (Kapers)
  • Mario Bros.
  • “Super” Tennis (Atari)
  • Enduro
  • H.E.R.O.
  • Moon Patrol
  • Pitfall
  • Pole Position

Rambo 2600 System

Hey look, it’s a “Rambo TV Game” that is U.S.A. 2600 Compatible! Boasts 128 built-in games (other samples of this game show different totals– 2600, 9999 and more). Initially I thought made in Brazil, but no, this is a Euro-based PAL system.

I think the reason the number of built in games listed on the packaging changes is creative math based on variations for each game– so each time they crank a new system clone out, they updated the packaging sort of like “Hey Ygor, Combat has 27 variations, so that’s 27 games!”


(Also, this thing looks like a piece of junk).