Air Raid by MenAvision, T-Handle

Easily valued at over $1K… and probably a lot more.  By MenAvision (and the only release by that company).  This particular item has ball-point pen “Star fighter” written on the label, prob. because whoever had it at one time did not know what it was (since the label has no text).  It’s so rare anyway, the pen mark up is not that big of a deal to collectors I would think.

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Brazilian T-Handle Carts

Here are a few 2600 carts from Brazil cart maker Tron. These black plastic T-Handle carts should work fine on NTSC systems. Haha, wow, that Mario Bros. label illustration! I have not played “Super” Tennis, but am told it is the Atari title (not Activision).


  • Keystone “Kappers” (Kapers)
  • Mario Bros.
  • “Super” Tennis (Atari)
  • Enduro
  • H.E.R.O.
  • Moon Patrol
  • Pitfall
  • Pole Position

Rambo 2600 System

Hey look, it’s a “Rambo TV Game” that is U.S.A. 2600 Compatible! Boasts 128 built-in games (other samples of this game show different totals– 2600, 9999 and more). Initially I thought made in Brazil, but no, this is a Euro-based PAL system.

I think the reason the number of built in games listed on the packaging changes is creative math based on variations for each game– so each time they crank a new system clone out, they updated the packaging sort of like “Hey Ygor, Combat has 27 variations, so that’s 27 games!”


(Also, this thing looks like a piece of junk).