Hex Joystick CX-10

Original “hex” joystick for Atari 2600. The Atari sticker (or “Sears”) on top of stick helps you spot it– but that sticker is almost never there as it does not stay attached very well. These sticks have a slight inset/indent in the top (which is not there on newer models) for the sticker- which is a visual tell if the sticker is missing. If you are holding it, you will notice the metal spring action as you move it around. The flexible cover around the stick is also a separate piece.  Finally, the yellow dashes around the circle do not say “TOP” like newer models.


Perfect Condition Hex Joysticks

I wish these were mine.  Wow, a perfect set of heavy sixer “hex” joysticks.  I would not even guess at what these might go for.  Single hex joysticks with the decal *missing* go for around $50 in average condition.  Add the actual disc decal and the same single standard condition stick goes for $100+.  Now, take a pair, still in box, which look almost mint…. well, you get the picture.