Numbered Early Carts

Numbered Early Carts

When the 2600 first came out, the original 9 games had end labels with text of the title plus a prefix number (internal number… how was it assigned? eg. 61 Basic Math… were there 60 games before it yet?  I doubt it, as the 2600 was so new at that point…).  These “01 Combat” style games came in gatefold boxes (opened from the front instead of the back).  While not particularly rare, these are great collectibles and conversation pieces.

Air-Sea Battle CX2602 “02 air-sea battle”
Basic Math CX2661 “61 basic math”
Blackjack CX2651 “51 blackjack”
Combat CX2601 “01 combat”
Indy 500 CX2611 “11 indy 500”
Star Ship CX2603 “03 star ship”
Street Racer CX2612 “12 street racer”
Surround CX2641 “41 surround” (also a variant that has “Use with Joystick” on the front)
Video Olympics CX2621 “21 video olympics”

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